We distribute containerboard products worldwide.

Because we care about the final product as much as our clients, we have the widest range of quality products in the market, this way we help our clients achieve excellent results and maximize their profit.

Our containerboard division currently works and distributes paper worldwide thanks to our strategic alliances with different mills around the world and direct representatives in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.


  • Kraft Liner board virgin, basis weights ranging from 20.5 to 96 lb/MSF (100 to 469 gsm)
  • Test liner (recycled) a basis weights ranging from 20.5 to 96 lb/MSF (100 to 469 gsm)
  • High performance grades for superior stacking strength.
  • Wet strength grades available from 35 to 96 lb/MSF (170 to 469 gsm).
  • Medium virgin and recycled, Basis weights ranging from 23 to 45 lb/MSF (112 to 220 gsm).
  • Medium wet strength ranging from 23 to 45 lb/MSF (112gsm to 220gsm).
  • Other specialities for the containerboard industry


  • According to the EPA, 50% of the folding cartons in the U.S. in 2009, where recycled.
  • 490,000 tons of Milk Cartons where generated in 2008, but only 0.05% where recycled.
  • Asia has surpassed western europe in paper consumption and will soon surpass the U.S.